Passion for Early Childhood Education

My passion for Early Childhood Education started when my oldest son Preston was about 1 years old. I was exploring the different kids activities and centres that were available in Malaysia for my own kid. From my own search I realised that there was not any available forums or network for mothers and educators to discuss openly on topics or concerns on Early Childhood Education that covered a wide spectrum of thing such as types of education methods “Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia”, local kindies that infuse methods with local Malaysia education system “Fungates, Smart Reader, The Star Children House”, music classes, drama classes, cooking classes, arts and crafts classes, robotics and the list goes on…Early Childhood





Hence, in my journey I started MY Early Childhood Education on Facebook that will enable mothers with young children and early childhood education educators to share, encourage, support and learn together on the types of classes and support available in Malaysia for their children. Today the group has reached 14,302 members and growing strong. It is a great network for mothers and educators to also learn about the new centres that are mushrooming in Malaysia especially in Klang Valley.


Early Childhood Education is a important phase of education where young children not only go through cognitive development but also develop their fine motor skills, social and language skills, and learn to manage their emotions. All this skills are beyond just the ABC and 123 but it’s about ensuring they are learning the fundamental life skills that will enable them to be functional adults in the community when they grow up. It’s important that parents understand that at this stage it is important to instil in them values, manner and family time.

the star

There are many types of Early Childhood Education system/methods in Malaysia. In my next blog. I will write up the various system/methods in Malaysia so that parents can refer to what each of them stands for and what to expect out of the type of system/method that they send their child to for kindergarten.

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Happily Ever Ibu – Says What?

I am so excited to post my 1st blog post for Happily Ever Ibu. So, what is Happily Ever Ibu? Happily Ever Ibu is about my favourite thing to do with my kids, tell stories. This blog is inspired by my two lovely boys “Preston, 6 years old and Terry, 10 months”. I am a Mother, Founder of CHOMEL and a enthusiast in Early Childhood Education that started MY Early Childhood Education Facebook group that has 14,267 members to date.

My favourite “life” story began when I had my 1st son. Becoming a mother has change my perspective in life and also my priorities. I was so surprised with how different it was to have my own kid and it actually change my perspective of parenting and the amount of joy my kids gave me especially after a long day at work. Seeing them was like Sunshine!

The goal of Happily Ever Ibu is to share my own life experience as a mother, entrepreneur and a advocate for Early Childhood Education to form a hybrid information that can help empower other Malaysian mothers to believe and support them in their own path in motherhood. No doubt that parenting is hard work and oh-so rewarding. But juggling different roles as a mother can be overwhelmingly joyful and shockingly demanding all at the same time.

I hope my stories that I will share from time to time will help inspire mothers to bring to live their motherhood stories, life long dreams and giving back to society.